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Pash and Dourado

At TradeWindsHouse we always remember, just as the wind and rain can change the landscape, alter the course of a rivier, or define a mountain range, so breeders must take their job seriously, as even a small fault can escalate and change a breed forever.

What is TradeWindsHouse?

At TradeWindsHouse we breed and import only animals of the highest quality. We don’t just breed for a ‘pretty face’ or color, we breed for type, temperament, and health.

Breeding Plans – Spring/Summer 2014

Sadly, due to the awesome super freaky Winterzilla of 2013 – we were unable to get Pishy to her new boyfriend for breeding. I’m expecting her to be ready again in the next couple of months. Same bat-boy, same bat-channel.

I can’t say enough how excited I am to put these 2 gene pools together!

Pash’s OFA results finally came in! She got the best possible score, an EXCELLENT on her hips! We are SOOO happy and thrilled! Click here to see her OFA x-rays & results!

Zeus’ results are here: Swabbie by TrailsEnd, OFA

See additional info on Breeding Plans HERE

Carolina Classic 2014

Welp – just got home from a great weekend at the Carolina Classic. This show marks my first endeavor into really looking into Rally. I’ve learned a lot this weekend – I sure hope I can find an obedience trainer nearby, I can only do so much on my own. It was fun.

Anyways — I brought Dourado, Cindy (TrailsEnd Estrela) brought McCoy (Dourado’s daughter) and new to showing Brian & Amber (+1) brought their stunning stunning boy Levi (a.k.a. Xerox by TrailsEnd) … WOW. … he is STU-NING!

Show results are below — it was a great weekend for TradeWinds + TrailsEnd names! 🙂

Friday – Show 1 – Judge: David Kittredge

  • Best Male: Xerox by TrailsEnd
  • Grand Champion & Best of Breed: GRCH Canil Akaroa’s Dourado
  • Dourado also picked up a Group 2 placement in the Guardian group

Saturday – Show 1 – Judge: Glenda Bruneau

  • Best Male: Xerox by TrailsEnd
  • Grand Champion & Best of Breed: GRCH McCoy by TrailsEnd
  • Coy also picked up a Group 1 placement in the Guardian Group

Saturday – Show 2 – Judge: Paul Bruneau

  • Best Male: Xerox by TrailsEnd
  • Grand Champion & Best of Breed: GRCH McCoy by TrailsEnd
  • Coy also picked up a Group 3 placement in the Guardian Group

Sunday – Show 1 – Judge: Lorraine Tayeb

  • Best Male: Xerox by TrailsEnd
  • Grand Champion & Best of Breed: GRCH McCoy by TrailsEnd
  • Coy also picked up a Group 2 placement in the Guardian Group

x-rays awayyyy!

Finally got my Pishy-Pash to the vet for her hip & elbow xrays! Now just for the several week wait wait wait wait WAIT for OFA to return the results.

The bad news? The vet had a little problem with Pash — after 10 minutes she came back announcing there was a small problem … “She’s very VERY strong!” … LOL, YEAH, tell me something I don’t know! Pash was being, well, Pash — stubborn, temperamental, stiff, and not cooperative at all. “Would you like me to help???” … “yes please” …. so I go back there, and she relaxes — a BIT — enough to get her flipped and xrays taken.

Then … 15 minutes later — the vet comes back … there was another small problem — the xray got stuck in the processing machine, they need to redo her hip xray. OH JOY! The good news? The vet LOVED her hips, showed me the partially mangled xray … nice and TIGHT.

Next xray down and done (with duplicates taken)

so … now … we wait …

she’s so sweet, slept all the way home.

P.S. CALL AROUND! I called probably a dozen vets in my immediate area, most didn’t even know what OFA was — the others quoted me prices of 4-500 dollars. Some even insisted that OFA mandates the dog must be completely sedated — NOT TRUE AT ALL! The form itself (that the vet sends to OFA) has the vet check a sedated/not-sedated box; and if sedated what was used for sedation.

I called a GSD friend of mine in the area — REFERRALS ARE KING! — the vet she gave me the # for charged 220 bucks! No sedation, if sedation would’ve been needed she would’ve opted for a ‘twilight’ like light sedation (think, doggie valium) which would’ve cost an extra 75 dollars. Oh … AND … the $220 INCLUDED the fee & shipping to OFA. SURE I may have had to drive an hour (Lewisburg) — but it was worth it. This vet does dozens of OFA xrays a month. She knows what she’s doing. You really really want a vet that does this regularly — not just some country doctor that’s “done it a few times.”

Needless to say, I’m wicked happy.

Stay tuned — breeding plans on the horizon! An amazing male has been selected, and pending OFA results, we might have our first litter soon!

WOW!! Dourado wins RBIS

This past weekend history was made at the UKC show held in Chesterfield, VA … DAY 2 was going great for us … Dourado was showing his buns off, and having a great time (in spite of the Bernese Mt Dog female that was in standing heat.)

The judge really liked our boy in breed … then gave us Group 1 (guardian group) … So we were in for the Best in Show (BIS) ring <> … anyway….. so in BIS, they give out two awards … reserve and best …

So the judge has the Reseve ribbon, and comes walking towards ME! I’m thinking, get out of town! An Estrela has never ever won Reserve or best in show in the US … Like EVER! “And reserve goes …. to …. my …..” (seconds seem to take minutes) ” ….. ….. Estrela Mountain Dog” …… FOR REAL!


GRCH Canil Akaroa’s Dourado – RBIS

I’m so proud of my “big dumb dog” …. He’s really matured a lot …. I’m incredibly honored to have achieved this first. Goooood boyyyeee …..

p.s. he had a nice raw bone in chicken breast for dinner that night 😉